Magnetic - CT & Breast Center, Corinth, Isthmos, Greece

The center "Magnetic - CT & Breast Center in the Isthmos of Corinth, Peloponnese" is an innovative Diagnostic and Therapeutic Center of Personalised Medicine in the area of the Isthmos of Corinth (next to the Peloponnese bus terminal).

It constitutes a diagnostic center of European standards and is compatible with the Greek National Health Services Organism (EOPYY) and other state and private health insurance organisms.

It offers modern highly efficient technological equipment, providing its patients the finest and most reliable methods of diagnosis and treatment, through painless, bloodless exams, that last only 5 seconds.

The imaging studies of the CT scans, the MRI scans, the ultrasounds, the digital radiographies and digital mammograms performed are done so in the most secure way to obtain accurate and reliable results.

The distinguished scientific and medical staff, state-of-the-art technology, friendly welcome and high quality services we offer our patients, contribute to serve them in a stress and hassle-free manner, with the undivided support of all of us.  We are dedicated to the field of health services, our health being the greatest of all goods, with passion, love, faith, devotion and absolute respect to pain and illness.

Through our incessant work, consistency and perseverance, we invest in cutting edge technology and constant medical update, and commit ourselves to welcome you with a smile, fulfilling our motto:


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